Innovation Creator


A visual designer with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. I love the crossroad of technology, design, data content and product. I embrace creative challenges and hard problems.

My design portfolio integrate four core design fields:

User Experience Design
Art Direction / Visual Design
Brand Identity Design
Concept Sketch and Storyboard

To be a designer was a difficult and long way for me. Let me tell you about my story.
My first major in college was chosen by my mother, she believed that engineer is the best job in the world. So I studied Management and Information Science, learned about coding (visual basic, C, Java, HTML), accounting and SQL database. During the college period, I could not enjoy coding but I realized my big passion is in planning, organizing and helping people, it led me to pursue another degree in Library and Information Science. After work at library and archive department for a short time, I get chance to discover more about museum and design field. I was amazed about beautiful and meaningful artworks. 

Not only just admire beautiful artworks, I tell myself one day I can stand on the other side, be a creator! 

Without my parent's understanding, I daringly move to San Francisco for studying design. With 3.5 years solid design training, the first design job has not came easily. I really cherish every opportunity.





I love design and always want to create better experience for user. To work at design consulting firms and technology companies in the San Francisco bay area for 7 years, I am proud of being a well-rounded user experience designer, I create aesthetically, pleasing, clear, emotive and user friendly digital products. My duty as a creator is to create a fusion of simplicity and artistry.
I am primarily a visual designer with budding hand sketch, industrial design and fundamental interaction design skills.
Let's work together!

Devon Wang